Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall-A-la-la-Live for Today...

Fall and I are getting along swimmingly. It is much in part to his flirting with summer, they've heated things back up into the 80's. God bless his heart. I'm standing by the man though, I honored him in my choice of ice cream, just call us pumpkin. When he dipped into the nightly 40's and daily low 70's I tempered my whinning with tea. I'm changing my name to something British. I had to bust out the British accent last week when I went a little crazy upon finding the tea's on sale. Four boxes isn't too much, when comes lunch time and you realize you've gulped down six cups. My co-workers think I have kidney disease.

Farmer's market Saturday sorta had me contemplating decorating for fall, sorta. If it happens I refuse for it to look overly fall-esque. Spring would be jealous. Speaking of the fall folige decor what in sams name are the warty pumpkins about? I had to refrain from belting out, "Excuse me Sir, your pumpkin has warts, you paid for that?" Fall weirdo's! Sorry I'll shut up if you give me s'mores.

Pondering starting a What I Wore feature on here, my vanity wants an outlet. We'll see.

For now, I'll mind my manners and count up some thankful fors...

285. for hot tea
286. for warm robes
287. for farmer markets on saturdays
288. for warm soup
289. for biscuits and jam
290. for the feeling right before turning off the light and closing your eyes
291. for fresh flowers
292. for candy corn
293. for my mama's apple cake, wow mama good!
294. for my sister's homemade granola
295. for a dollar hard back copy of the giving tree
296. for matinee's on Sundays
297. for baby girl clothes
298. for chili
299. for old friends
300. for a nearby house's blowup fall decor
301. for toasted marshmallows
302. for abundant and pretty goldenrod along the roads
303. for God's beautiful creation

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