Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh, Baby.....

She is having a baby, any day now.

She has a baby, cuter than pie.

She wants a baby, something fierce. (She should also fix her hair and work out her scrawny brawny arms)

Since she can't have baby, she gets by on a little help from her friends.

She is so thankful for her friends and their babies, and for friends who help throw sweet soirees for little pink buntings.

We had a tea party baby shower for our sweet baby girl, Claire.

It rained buckets so the pictures are inadequate, for it was the sweetest little shin dig. Everyone was kind and happy and there were babies and really precious mamas. And chocolate cake, what more can you ask for?

Except maybe some gifts for our girl.

I copy cated the talent of Ashley Ann and made the girl a bag and little fruit of the womb onesies. Claire's mama updated her facebook status with progress of the little sweet pea, "traci's baby is the size of a grape..."

 The onesies will grow with the girl.

Claire baby, we had fun getting ready for you. Please come meet us soon and be good to your mommy on the way here. We love you.

304. for babies

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