Monday, October 25, 2010

Three Hundred and Twenty Nine...

305. For orange roses washed in the sun

306. For leaves on the ground walking to the mailbox
307. For the reflection of autumn leaves and sun on the water
308. For gorgeous drives in the country
309. For dairy cows happily eating in pastures
310. For rows of uniform trees in orchards
311. For the brillant setting sun out in the country
312. For a sunset accompanying the last leg of the journey
313. For being served tea on a Sunday afternoon

314. For baby clothes for a $4 bargain

315. For simple craft projects

316. For baked goods and treats to give away

317. For sugar cubes
318. For rich desserts and rich conversation
319. For playing dress up
320. For fellowship
321. For warm, welcoming hospitality
322. For apple tart
323. For good hugs
324. For the golden setting sun on the neighbors brilliant orange tree
325. For walks among the changing leaves
326. For a friend's praise
327. For dinner and a movie at the end of the day
328. For happy daises in recycled glass jars

329. For a God who gives

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