Sunday, October 31, 2010

What I Wore-Take Two

This week has almost made a liar out of me. Nonetheless, here's what I wore weekending it. Last weekend that is. A two hour drive with a best friend and a promise of a black berry milk shake at the end of it make for a giddy Elizabeth. I was Christmas Eve little girl kind of excited and the weekend didn't disappoint. Lazying, Laughing, Talking, Eating, Visiting, it was that kind of good. Best friend weekends are well, the best.

outfit one: cardigan and shirt: j crew, jeans: the loft, shoes: old navy, necklace: vintage via my granjanie, bag: liz claiborne i love my bag, i'm naming my bag, i think he's male yes I know he's quite the metro)

outfit two: blazer: gap, shirt: old navy, jeans: j crew, necklace :vintage via my granjanie
(shoes: gift from India, where sizes are guesses and lefts and rights are not. they are an experiment in modern day foot binding, my big toes were screaming for a divorce)

outfit three: this is simply to show you the best friend. She truly is the best, the end


  1. Thanks, you too! Love the outfits!! Tried my shoes on today....and ditto.

  2. YOU are absolutely stunningly GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! You make me a little sick because you're so beautiful hee!hee!

  3. Love the outfits!!! :)
    xoxo Caroline


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