Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What I Wore

I arrived into the world at noon, clearly even as a wee babe, I had my priorities in order. I'm a sleeper, I enjoy my sleep. This only proves detrimental every live long morning. Weekly, I tell myself I'll plan my outfits ahead, Ha. Weekly I do a mad dash throw on clothes pre-five minutes to take off. Lately, I've been snubbing my wardrobe. I think the stink eye has much a do with my mayday mornings.

This is an attempt to document my fashion choices and to motivate better dressing through a weekly, "what I wore" feature. This is a one outfit a week endeavor, my vanity cannot stand up to daily documentation. I enjoy a good fashion blog and I gotta hand it to um, it's a a lot of work. Self photography ain't easy, for me no photography is. This could potentially not be hacked, nonetheless here you go, my first installment...In which I attempt to balance out vanity with apples. I only regret I did not immortalize my corn dog with a photo opt.

Blouse: Gap, Jeans: J Crew, Purse: DSW (subject of much shunning due to her "size") Boots: Vintage via an antique store. (i put in new inserts, lysoled them, and may or may not have laid hands on them to nix any heebie jeebie germs)

*There is an actual, factual, fantastical What I Wore blog, clearly making this a non-original thought. Go forth and be cute or at least dream about it....

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  1. you are absolutely the cutest thing i have EVER seen.

    your friend in apple picking bliss,
    ms. edie


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