Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

People will read your blog; people you know will read your blog and quite possibly not tell you. I'll save my rant on the "not letting you know" for another day, you're welcome. If anyone is out there thinking, "why golly, this is the vainest thing she's ever done" you're wrong. 99 % sure I've taken stock of every mirror I've ever come in contact with, I'm sure that trumps taking pictures of myself and letting the world see them. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall means I must look at them all, it's grafted into my DNA. I'm pulling a famous Elizabeth tangent. Want to know what I wore? Thought so

I've gone and done it two weeks in a row, waited until Sunday, what I deem the end of the week, to remember, "Hey, I said I'd document one getup a week."

Getup it is, cause I'm always running late and the past two outfits have been get up and GO! Have I mentioned my affinity for cheesiness? Afraid so

Let's call this one Sunday's thoughtless frocks. What I wore churching it and movie-going it, Amen and pass the plate, mama wants a new pair of shoes.

Shirt: banana republic, jeans: j crew, belt: gap (yellow? i know, don't judge she's the only lady up for the challenge) necklace: thrifted, boots: vintage, vanity: free

Tune in later in the week for more vain on Sunday...

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