Sunday, November 14, 2010

Prayers and Photos

She sunbathed out on her back deck with a pale yellow sheet. Grab a towel from the mother, don a bathing suit and the 1980 something giant yellow headphones and I was there, on the drive way mimicking the grown up neighbor next door, thinking "we are cool." I was four. And now I'm older and I drag a table and a beat up old digital camera out into the yard. And somewhere on picture one too many, I think to myself, "we are not cool."

I need a husband with mad photography skills to come take my pictures. One like Kendi has, she's cool ubberly, utterly cool and hilarious. I adore her blog. Back to mourning, If you're praying for me a husband, pray harder, pray he can take a decent picture, or convenience me I'm beautiful in mismatched sweats. Amen

What I wore to church (last week), shopping and lounging about barnes and noble. For the record I bought a big fat whopping nuttin. Fine, I bought a little food, a girl has to live.

Blazer: Target, Turtlneck: banana republic, jeans: H&M, Boots: Vintage, necklace, via my granjanie, bracelets, gift (kate spade)

353. for my cowgirl boots
354. for getting the comfy chair at barnes and noble
355. for silly blog features to document your duds
356. for strangers compliments
357. for the ability to read magazines for free
358. for sundays

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  1. you have the greatest style, girl.

    praying for your husband!!!


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