Friday, December 24, 2010

And I Wonder...

Baby Jesus born in Bethlehem, seems so far away. Christmas time when angels sing and hearts make merry and wonder stirs. I find I  wonder most why I do not wonder more. I believe and say with ease, yet softly I wonder, do I really, believe? To heart's that don't does it sound like fiction, smoke and reindeer sleighs, silly babble and cultish way? I sit coffee handed gazing at the lights and I feel it stir, holy wonder. Baby Jesus, lowly lain in a manager doesn't seem so odd nor far away when I know Immanuel, God with me. Christmas here and Jesus dwells in lowly sometimes doubting girl. Grateful on this Christmas Eve noon for Jesus, the Redeemer. Wishing you the happiest of Christmases and the hope of Him.

427. For Christmas trees
428. For cookies for breakfast
429. For hope restored
430. For His Spirit
431. For a reminder that Santa Claus theology doesn't work (if you read that post i hereby grant you one skip day from church)
432. For my Redeemer


  1. Thanks for posting that link. It was wonderful to be reminded of it during Christmastime. Come over and let's watch movies. Love you!!!!!!

  2. I used my church-pass this last Sunday. Thanks.


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