Sunday, December 12, 2010


The wind has been a howling and it is cold. What good ole Winnie would term a blustery day. Dreary, gray days seem to nod approval to a slower pace, instead of frowning upon lazy slowness I think they clap a little. Sinatra sings, mugs have been full and tree glows beauty. And I think to myself what a wonderful world at Christmas time. Lyrics stir my thoughts and I am awed once more that the soul felt it's worth, because baby came. Joy to the world a Savior is born. Grateful for words to string and thanks to give.

404. for slow days
405. for heat
406. for pretty christmas presents
407. for gingerbread cupcakes
408. for hot coffee
409. for prayer journals
410. for Christmas time
411. for my "rat pack" Christmas cd
412. for snow flakes
413. for Christmas music
414. for salted carmel hot chocolate
415. for the Gaddy's spectacular Christmas lights
416. for the tour of homes
417. for friends who understand
418. for babies
419. for today
420. for Hope
421. for Christmas lights on my street
422. for a Christmas card in the mail
423. for gray yarn
424. for lentil soup
425. for hot fudge sundaes
426. for His birth

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