Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Count

Had you asked back in April if I thought I’d be farther along in the numbering of my thanks by now, I’d have said yes. And I would have said I’d be remiss to let thanksgiving slip by without adding to my log. While it’s taking longer than I would have estimated, I have to remind myself a number isn’t my goal, my goal is to be thankful. Whether it’s through pen on a card, or words on a page, or numbers on a blog, or thoughts in my head, or smiles on my face, the goal is that I’ll be grateful. The numbers are simply to steer me in the right direction, to remind me thanks isn’t natural, it’s intentional.

Since I’ve started tapping out numbers I’m not even sure I gripe less, or that my complaining and grouching has subsided. But this I know, thanks is powerful. It turns me around, puts me back on my feet, and binds up the wounds of living. Just a sinner saved by grace, always wanting more forgetting what I have. So I pray for eyes to see and count to remember that gratitude lifts the chains of life’s heaviness.

384. for tea at work
385. for thanksgiving weekends
386. for time with loved ones
387. for laughing
388. for "Miss" Sharon's crazy laugh
389. for pumpkin cheesecake
390. for getting out of a meeting 40 minutes early
391. for the brother that baked the turkey and a whole heap more
392. for thanksgiving dinner
393. for black friday tradition shopping with Melissa
394. for vegetarian chili
395. for a sister who gives the best compliments
396. for the first glimpse of the Christmas tree's light
397. for the glow of the lights on the tree
398. for my new snowman mug
399. for downtown Christmas decorations
400. for Christmas gift shopping
401. for these numbers
402. for His unchanging grace
403. for the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness

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  1. What does the new snowman mug look like? Picture please. Or better yet, let's have a hot chocolate party when I'm home for the break!


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