Monday, December 6, 2010

What I Wore Today

Low and behold we have documentation of what I wore in real time. I have an a sundry of reasons why. We'll start with I just finished No Country For Old Men, and there's no way I have the courage for sleep yet. Then there's the fact I frankly am not thrilled with the day's duds. Getting out the door was of the utmost concern. I picked this here number out and donned it in under 5 minutes flat. Yes, I am talented. Moving on to the more positive reasons, it is Christmas and I thought you might want to see my new Christmas banner. Who are we kidding, I wanted to show her off. Her name is Hope, isn't she beautiful? Mad props to my friend Melissa who generously shares her Cricut with me. Final reason, I felt the need to rub in the fact I have blue shag and you don't. My apologies for the mediocre photos I had coffee and strudel and catching up on the royals to attend to.

William, Kate seems like a very nice girl therefore, I will forgive you for picking her over me. Colin, you are without excuse call me, pronto.

What I wore to today: (ok for about an eighth of the day, i save myself for the finer things in life hello, sweats you are my bff of the day)

Sweater: Lizzard Thicket (local boutique) Jeans: H&M, Boots: Liz Claiborne back before she sold herself to J.C.Penney, sell out, bracelet, my mother's closet many moons ago, necklace thrifted, ring, north georgia shindig (also known as a craft sale, hoopala)

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  1. It's've inspired me to:
    *Buy a new pair of boots.
    *Finish my knitting project (which is really just a scarf because I suck).
    *Dig that same mug out of a storage box.
    *Watch Love Actually, strip off my clothes and jump into a lake, hoping to lure Colin away from you.


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