Monday, January 24, 2011

"Life is Beauty Full"

Sunday's gone and Monday's come and before we know it, they'll come round again. Weekends are for feeling full, lounging and lagging, enjoying and considering the lilies and counting with Ann...

466. for pretty food on Saturdays

467.  for bamboo needles stitching up gray

468. for $0.10 magazines and Martha's creativity

469. for a God who makes beauty and sunlight warmth

470. for dinner

 471. for m&m's to color the world sweet

 472. for cold walks on afternoons and shadows to say hi

473. for watching sky meet day as sun climbs through the window on sunday

474. for key lime cupcakes pretty and good

475. for donuts and coffee
 476. for quiet times and the living Word

Weekend's gone and I remind myself these other days, they're for living too. These days go round and thanks spins beauty.

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  1. Beauty-full post! I gotta know where the Key Lime cupcake came from -- I can only imagine it's delicious! Thank you for sharing all things beautiful ... you're right, we should treasure weekdays too!


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