Tuesday, January 4, 2011

She Wrote Back

If I could pick any of the blogging superstars to spend a day with it would be her, Miss E. We'd eat her mocha cupcakes, and craft away the hours spontaneously belting out ole country ballads. I'd pretend I was her fourth daughter and beg her to read to me, while I knit. She would repent over ever forsaking her gorgeous turquoise cabinets and I would pray about possibly repenting over my mild coveting, obsession of the turquoise cabinets. We'd laugh ourselves to tears and then I'd talk her into being a preacher.

It's true she had me at turquoise and I love her for those cabinets. But in truth that's only the cover page of why I join so many in celebrating Edie's birthday and holding her up in prayers. To me the above photo sums her up, she most beautifully and eloquently reaches up to grace. Her words and her life contained by keys and photos have pointed me up, up to Christ. This post is the heartbeat of my faith and this post the beacon that steered my heart back closer to Christ this Christmas.

She has hundreds of followers yet when I sent her an email, she wrote me back. She saw me, she blessed me.

Edie Wadsworth, I think your name is beautiful and I'm so glad you're Christ's and that He shines through you. Thank you for "seeing" me, for emailing me back, for appreciating my comments, for taking your valuable time to read my little ole blog. You'll never know how your gestures of kindness warmed up this little heart of mine. Happy Birthday, I O U.

437. For Edie


  1. Oh Elizabeth, this is such a beautiful post for Edie. I know she loves you so much as I have seen her reference you even in some of her blog posts. What a great tribute this is to this amazing servant of Christ! God Bless you Elizbeth!

  2. this made me cry.
    it is good to be "seen."

    Elizabeth...this is really, really sweet and kind...

  3. 1. I simply love you
    2. Every comment you leave me further defines that we are sisters separated at birth. Or that in a previous life I was your Yorkie puppy. Either one. It confirms it.
    3. I think I am going to watch You've Got Mail tonight in your honor.
    4. I have no idea where you live, but we must drive a share a glass of cupcake and giggle and hiccup.
    5. I simply love you.


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