Monday, January 10, 2011

Showers of blessing

Thoughts run ocean deep,  a well of contemplation I haven't a clue how to channel. So tonight I will not swim, I will float. Like rain that falls are His gifts that flood the earth with innumerable goodness.  Impossible to grasp them all, pausing to feel and count the drops....
These numbers but a glass of water from the depths of the living, roaring seas of His mercy and goodness

438. for Him who gives every good and perfect gift
439. for the power of the Holy Spirit
440. for grey yarn
441. for a funny movie
442. for sweet, blog comments that make my day
443. for the internet
444. for the grayness of this day
445. for my blue robe
446. for soft flannel sheets
447. for billowy, fluffy pillows
448. for easy dinners
449. for hot soup
450. for good hugs
451. for communion
452. for pen and paper
453. for word's to write
454. for hope that floats
455. for my day's off
456. for blessings mingled in days of sun and rain
457. for my God who sees
458. for 458 and infinitely more thanks to give

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  1. Elizabeth, I love this! I love what you have written and the reference link. Such inspired words! In this faced paced world of ours with such easy access to everything, it is so important to write down the things that we are thankful for a feel are blessings to us. Thank you too for posting the link to one thousand gifts. Have a blessed day!


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