Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I Wore: Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This...

On day's like this I oft wonder "why do I have to be the stressed out worried one, why can't I be the cute Irish guy who sings. " Ever sent an email to the wrong person? Ever sent one to a hundred plus umpteen wrong persons? Ever "feel you become the worst version of yourself? That a Pandora's Box of all the secret hateful parts -- your arrogance, your spite, your condescension -- has sprung open. Someone provokes you, and instead of just smiling and moving on, you zing them. Hello, it's Mr. Nasty. I'm sure you have no idea what I'm talking about." But if you do if you've ever had one of those day's, equal parts of personal goof-ups, mishaps, stress, and let downs. Well, you've got a friend in me. You know how in monopoly you receive get out of jail free cards? I think we should get, I'm having a mediocre, bad day, pardon my grumpiness cards. Cause there's nothing like trying to stuff disgruntled under the guise of fake smiles. Need a card? Take one. 

I had no intention of photographing what I wore, I just felt a bad day deserves documentation that it's ok, they're allowed, they happen. And they end. Amen


  1. beautiful girl! here's to hoping things have gotten a little less stressful for you.

  2. Oh no! :/ I sure hope things got better but know that you're not alone, everyone has them and like you said ... they happen and (thankfully) they end & usually they're not a total waste because they've taught us something (although it may take a while to realize it!;) Loved the "You've Got Mail" reference -- it's all time fave!


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