Sunday, January 2, 2011

What I Wore Shameless

Discipline that was one of my twenty-eleven words, I just need you to know that. Also I tripped letting December out the door and fell straight into the doldrums, so I'm working a self-inflicted twelve step recovery program, know that. One of those steps is retail therapy, know it cause I owned it.  I was the hunter on the prowl, the caffeine junkie in need of coffee, the girl with the crazed eyes that spun shoes, shoes, shoes. I forgot who Dave Ramsey was, I didn't indulge in the usual forty minute debate, texting photos for advice. I contemplated for twenty-seconds what to do, then it hit me, RUN straight for the check out. I did it, I was shameless.

Frivolous, unnecessary, self-indulgent shoe binge. I'll own the shame but truth be had, this is how I really feel.....(yes, I rock the nerdy when I'm celebrating, those are the happy fists)

Score! Lady's gotta a new pair of shoes, or five depending on who's counting!

What I wore shamelessly shoe shopping:
turtleneck: Old Navy, jeans: The Loft, heels: DSW (Bandolino), scarf: knit by a dear friend, ring: Granjanies, bracelet: Premier Jewelry, coat: Banana Republic 

Well, I think I'll take my little temperate self and go eat popcorn and ice cream for dinner. My conscience would like to add I paid cash and saved $225 and I rarely to, never do that. 


  1. 5 pair? Where are the rest of the pictures then? Love them! They look so fun!!!!!!

  2. I'm not sure you could be any cuter if you tried.


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