Sunday, January 16, 2011

What I Wore Slow and Lazy

Today was lazy and restful without an ounce of guilt. Don't you love when a day dawns slow and you match it's pace? Type A by nature, today I think I was a Q, for Q-ute of course. Gag me, cheesy jokes.  A lounging day a lull to the usual go, I'll take it and with a thank you, please. Only a knock at the door from George Clooney might have roused my slowness. I wouldn't even show you these pictures if I hadn't gotten dressed at four and feel I should at least have something to show for the effort. Though my starbucks date might be more exciting. 

What I wore slow day
Cardigan: Jcrew, Top & Jeans: Gap, Boots: Old as the hills, Pearls: Granjanies, Starbucks: Yummy

459. for pale pink
460. for pearls with a pretty clasp
461. for americano
462. for dad's starbuck's gift card
463. for catching up on sleep
464. for cameras
465. for a slow day


  1. I'll take one of everything, please. Old as hill boots and Starbucks included. Thank you very mucho.

  2. Days like that are few & far between and ... always welcome! Thanks for sharing!


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