Sunday, January 23, 2011

What I Wore: Third Time's the Charm

Bought her three times, because I keep finding her cheaper and cheaper on the target rack. I don't know if I should be commended for being frugal or chastised for wasting time. The shoes are part of the great shoe binge of twenty-eleven, so the dresses final ten-dollah all mine price tag consoles my inner Ben Franklin. A penny saved is a penny earned, though Benny might roll his eyes at the whole fiasco of women and shopping.

Speaking of which I didn't properly introduce you to "snow white." You met her under duress, here she is in the light of day with a much more jovial version of her owner. Aside from "big red" I've only had one other "real" chair for nearly four years. She was dubious at first but I think they're going to get along just fine.

Scouts honor I do actually engage in other activities besides' shopping, such as bestowing names on all the inanimate gizmos and gadgets that find their way home with me. And I read, A LOT, can't you tell? Now, please come over and we'll name the dress and eat ice cream. Is there a dorks anonymous?

What I Wore: Dress: Target, Cardigan: Jcrew, Shoes: DSW (Liz Claiborne), Tights: Banana Republic, Belt: Gap, Coat (my favorite)

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