Monday, February 21, 2011

Sermon on the Morning

When Spirit takes flight to the pulpit of ancient verse He always preaches the sermon best. Message Sunday morn Psalm 77, and who is this Asaph? And don't we sound the same, overwhelmed, troubled, complaining. My heart breaths wonder he asks them too? The hard whys, and the hefty accusations. We shake our fists and preach our own sermons mad, questioning our God. I imagine Asaph's motives behind his exasperated demands and overwhelming puzzles were less wrought with self than mine.

But that isn't the point for I identify with Asaph in the bowing of my head when memory pours in and floods the doubt. My head bobbles wonder at the remembrance of who are God is. God of then and God of now. Gracious God who yields memory for our good in the lines of holy Word and in the lines of Spirit written on the heart. Remembrance of Him has the power to vanquish the haunting hollows of our souls riddled with broken memories. Eyes read Asaph's words penned by Spirit and I heartily echo amen, amen and amen. For our God is greater and our God is stronger, our God is redeemer, our God is seer and our God is deliverer. Our God makes ways in the wilderness and with fury holds back the waters and bids us part on solid ground.

When the memory and life shadows dance in the dark larger than life there is light to hold on, For, "Who is so great a God as our God? You are the God who does wonders.." 

Adding up thanks numbers for the memory

509. for pink roses full of bloom in green vase
510. for lone bird resting on the power line
511. for wind on walk
512. for malley's valentine mug holding coffee hot
513. for steam off hot milk
514. for a blanket wrapped snug
515. for the security of my mama's love
516. for egg and cheese dinner english muffin
517. for sprite in a glass jar
518. for red straws
519. for daffodils springing back to life at work
520. for pink tree blooming back in neighbor's yard
521. for 1,000 gifts the book
522. for Him who trains the memory
523. for God who stretches my heart
524. for this hymn
525. for sweet, sweet time sharing hearts with Traci
526. for holding baby girl, Claire
527. for history etched honest in His holy Word

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  1. I started my 1000 thanks:o) It is incredible. It makes me so happy that you included Claire and I in your list. The book is amazing. . .it was definitely a divine calling. . .God is so much more than I ever could have thought. . .He is showing me that every day. I love you, and I can't wait to see you again!


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