Sunday, February 6, 2011

What I Wore: Winter Day

An oddity struck me a few weeks back, I haven't minded winter much this year. Oddity multiplied in the fierceness of this year's winter. It's the bleak and barren and bone chill and presence of dormant death that typically turns my heart cold to winter. Seeing myself and the Father speak through the seasons has thawed my heart and I see truth in the confines of winter.

To everything there is a season and aren't we always changing and never staying the same? When leaves fall and the earth is stripped and cold hugs and paralyzes the air, we seek shelter. We cover and hunker down, we stop and wait and change the routine.

It's in me the stripping, the raw nakedness and sometimes past mistakes freeze thick around my heart. And I wonder if we're souls cemented by the stain and sin of death like sheets of unending ice? Grace melts like sun on snow and He reminds me the redeemed are fused not in the changing fickleness of the heart's seasons but in the unchanging never ending mercy. His mercies are new every morning holding these days and these seasons together.

Winter and I, we're making peace for he's only passing through and ushering in spring. All this dying brimming with opportunity for life, renewed.

What I wore last Sunday, on a winter day masquerading as spring.


  1. Elizabeth, we experienced a winter day masquerading as spring in WV today! Winter can pretend to be spring all it wants without complaint from me! :) I loved this -- "I see truth in the confines of winter". I have experienced just that this winter. When we are "forced" to rest, the truth becomes more apparent to those who seek it. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Good thoughts. I have found myself thanking Christ every morning for His new mercies lately. He is truly gracious. I miss you, and I love reading your thoughts.


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