Sunday, March 6, 2011


Daydream believer rings true in my ears. Still all these years later I can travel back to the dreams I spun in the day. Families I made where they went, what they ate, their tragedies and triumphs. Presently I'm in the midst of a love affair with Roy Orbison's Dream. I'd like to climb up in the computer and float on a cloud and listen to Roy on repeat, over and over. "Dream that's the thing to do."

There are days when the to do list looms daunting with it's endless check boxes and lines of "do's" and I look at it paralyzed. It's as though I'm stalemated anchored to a desire to just be and sail aimlessly on a sea of daydreams.

Steam from the coffee cup warmed my face as I read lines on the computer and it struck me as odd those moments when we realize we are very much alive. Life is a gift. "I gave you life so that you could live it." Favorite line from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Jesus came that we might have life, abundant life. We get to live, we get to dream. And we the redeemed, forever alive we'll live, dream fulfilled. We are alive to live, to dream. Are you a daydreamer? Please say yes. And lets scale to castles in the sky and swim all day in the frothy blue sea.