Thursday, April 21, 2011

Awesome and Awkward Thursday-It's back...

And will last as long as the contents of leftover photos last. These bees from da Christmas Eve. Oh you know Christmas leftovers are the best. Hauling out the pie, slicing up the turkey, uncovering the casseroles. Yum! I am pathetic and I know it.

1. From the Christmas archives: having to send a text, "I'm gonna be late I'm blowing drying your present" Uh, huh never drink and pick up your gifts to walk out the door. Next year please remind me to water the tree and not my presents. Wait, don't, my tree is fake. The top to my water was open as I went in for the kill. And that's that.
2. From the Christmas archives: unwrapping a gift and returning it because you knew the other person didn't get you a gift and you didn't want it to be awkward. Is that an oxymoron?

3. We're transitioning to present day, pronouncing your community group leader's child's name wrong you say, "Ev-ie I say, "E-vie" I mentally ran a phonetics chart in my head Evvvvvvvvvvvv." Sorry, guys
4. Verbal road blocks in which I cannot pronounce a word right, not even on take five.
5. Being in the grocery store and suddenly realizing, "Hey! This isn't my buggy." Which I declared to two ole ladies, pretty sure they thought it was awkward.
6. The plumber beating you to the house and watching as you unload the bathroom cabinet. We all know what's in there.

1. Thirteen pounder baby Logan in the crook of my arm and his fat little cheeks. I asked to keep him. They said no.
2. My Granjanies ring-It's dreamy
3. Sweet Potatoes baking-swoony, yummy smell
4. Christmas memories
5. Girls movie night, even when you all pass out the movie was that bad
6. Oh Joy Brownies & Ice Cream
7. Easter, Easter, Easter, HE IS ALIVE!

Happy Easter, Oh and Merry Christmas.


  1. Silly girl!!! We don't mind - we're actually used to it. :) NO one calls her Short E Evie. Everyone calls her Long E Evie. :) No biggie.


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