Thursday, April 14, 2011

Awesome and Awkward Thursday

Chock full of inspiration ripe for the picking is the field of blogs. On every row delicious fruit, particularly from the fashion bloggers who possess both charming looks, clothes galore, and cute husbands with camera skills to document their bounty. Then there's me the pickled peach with a little wrinkly skinned jealousy over their lot versus mine. However, when they successfully launch an awesome and awkward Thursday and get the masses to harvest their own good bad and ugly this tree bows down. I am linking up with the make you sick she's so dad-bloomin cute Syd from The Daybook blog with my very first Awkward and Awesome Thursday in which I recap time in the awkward and in the awesome. Shall we?

1. Taking photos of yourself and never posting them on your blog cause you're lazy
2. Posting photos of yourself in winter attire when it's clearly spring
3. These photos: I am eleven trapped in a twenty year olds body

4. Buying undergarments from a male employee who proceeds to discourse with you on said unmentionables
5. Dropping your bottle cap in the movie theater
6. Being told you have the most beautiful eyes outside the theater from a half pint dude with a fro
Dude, didn't even look at my eyes it was just a one liner and I laughed and said thanks, cause I didn't wanna get punked.
7. Misplacing your ticket in line for the Empire State building and feeling heat rising from the masses waiting behind you.
8. Asking directions from a  man on the subway who proceeds to tell you to get off and take the number eight with him. Ummm, No.

1. New York
2. New York
3. New Yorkers! I table talked some New Yorkers to the point I almost asked to try their pizza.
4. Food: I love to eat, don't you? I hate we have to get full.
5. The smell of brownies.
6. It's my blog and I can post pictures from January if I wanna, that's awesome.
7. You, You're awesome. I know it.

And awkward, but that's besides the point. We've all earned that badge.

*mmmm next go round I'm gonna be more awesome than awkward-is that possible? Prolly not. Hugs and kisses, but those are only for my mama and anyone who looks like George Clooney.

what i wore: awesomely awkward: sweater: banana republic, jeans: h&m, boots: were made for walking aka, vingtage smintage.


  1. I love it! Sounds like something I may be able to participate in as well ... I always feel more awkward than awesome ... but perhaps if I look for the awesome (every Thursday) I might just find some (ya think?;) Have a wonderful day ... I think you're awesome!

  2. yay! so good!
    i love the daybook...and these pictures made my day!


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