Friday, April 1, 2011

Do these shoes make my feet look old? And other minutiae

Since Edie used the word minutiae I've been vying for my own opportunity to induct the little gem of a word into my vocabulary-so here we are numbered minutiae:

1. I moved
2. I love it!
3. I'm going to New York
4. I can't wait

5. I bought these shoes for $6 doll-ah's at the local Tar-get

6. I need to know if they're campaigning for grandma status?
7. I wore them all day
8. I didn't get a blister

9. I think cheap shoes might be my thing
10. I miss my best friend like a chump on a diet misses cake
11. I'll tell you how I know life isn't fair my best friend is two hours away from me in a college town, that i don't even like. And she up and got herself a mister. Now she may never come home. We were suppose to marry twin brothers and be neighbors in matching bungalows and have children together. I'd have a Jack and she'd have Jill and they'd get married. And our friendship would take over the world. Alas it doesn't work that way, Jesus is not Santa. I know, I've tried. But he's still good, He gave me a best friend.
12. I miss my best friend

13. I may or may not have worn a rendition of this outfit back in 1990 something
14. I may or may not have worn a shirt that was five sizes too big for me
15. I may or may not have worn jeans that were three inches too short
16. I may or may not have matched my bff
17. I may or may not have incriminating photos
18. I have finally all these years later made peace with denim on denim
19. I found my yogurt today to be better than usual
20. I buy plain but lucked up and accidentally bought french vanilla
21. I like it
22. I bought some new orange lipstick, it's Revlon
23. I know it's chock full of parabens and is probably going to rot my lips off but at least if they do fall off they'll be pretty.
24. I'll be back
25. I hope with something of more substance than this
26. I'm going to New York, Ack

So are the shoes presentable and is denim on denim the new acid wash?

What I Wore: working, errands, banana bread baking and missing my best friend so much it hurts.

Blouse: Gap, Jeans: Express, Shoes: Target


  1. Love the outfit! It's so much better than our past renditions of it- definitely passes muster. I love the shoes. I want the shoes. I wear a size 9-9 1/2.
    P.S. This post is hilarious and great!

  2. Denim on denim works for me ... the shoes rock (but I'm a grandmother) and Beth (above) likes them so you're safe there ... sorry about your BFF but hey maybe her Mister has a brother or close cousin (ya never know!) and where did you move? Did I miss that bit of 'minutiae' (how'd ya like that?) ... I'm also with Beth on the post --- "Hilarity, thy name is Elizabeth Highsmith" ... enjoy NYC (& take lots of pics!;)

  3. 1. I read your blog to Claire.
    2. She enjoyed it.
    3 As did I.
    4. I miss your best friend too.
    5. I love the bungalo take over the world story; precious:o)
    6. I also miss your best friend's best friend.
    7. Claire says she wants to go to NY.
    8. You look fab.
    9. I love you.


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