Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Princess Diaries

Can think of nothing better on the eve of the Royal Wedding than to bow to one of the crowning events of my 2010.  Princess Di, the celebration, the mecca, the wonder displayed at the Atlantic Civic center. Back in June a few of my best girls obliged me my birthday wish, the Princess Diana Exhibit. Her wedding dress and crowns were on display. It was Christmas Eve kind of happy excitement. Squealing and gushing, I could have spent a week in there, her clothes, her life. I cried.  Feel as though my life has come full circle Princess Diana's royal wedding was held the summer of the year I was born and now another. Sigh, tear, swoon, squeal. Awesome is a poor adjective for such a time as this. I prefer "fairy tail-ish"

My co-worker's three year old spent the morning with me. She built a a club-house under my desk and at one point sought my attention by pulling my skirt. When I informed her she was going to pull my skirt off she asked, "You aren't wearing panties?" I assured her I was decent and then she needed to know what color, am I that questionable?

Three year old Rylee. We talked of princesses and mothered her baby and drew a butterfly with hand stencils and I mooned over the pink crayon.  We lamented the fact we had no "no posh" nail polish to paint the town with, we consoled ourselves by discussing colors she has quite the collection. We drank "fake coffee" and forwent wearing shoes. I wanna three year old and a Prince too.

Speaking of which, that Harry I had him pegged for awkward tsk, tsk, I played the judge array, he has turned out to be a little looker. As his dashing brother has become a dead-end to me, I believe I have a new cradle crush. Harry, I am yours, all yours.

I bid you a found farewell on the eve of this grandiose event. May we all dream of fairy godmothers and handsome princes.

Peace, love and glitter.

what I wore: from the princess diaries: dress: gap (2009) clutch: dsw (2009)
more awkward and awesome here!

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  1. Love your blog, I am trying to add the daybook button to mine how do you do it? I added the HTML gadget and when I copy and paste in the content nothing happens?



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