Monday, May 2, 2011


"Do not trust your memory; it is a net full of holes; the most beautiful prizes slip through it."
- Georges Duhamel

Find those words so true when i finger type the thanks i've written on the invisible mind's list they've faded, smudged when I dig to recall. There is a goodness found in turning thanks into history, a record for my mind whose memory slips right quick. "The eyes of man, 'the eyes of mine' are never satisfied," so I seek to wash them and fill their blind spots with thanks to remember.

553. for honeysuckle scented walks
554. for wild roses and yellow weeds
555. for watching an old house be made new
556. for tree tops split that splinter my heart
557. for the community's outpouring for those whose tangible lives were stolen by the storm
558. for safety in storms
559. for big, fat, sloppy Ivy who comes to visit
560. for frozen yogurt
561. for tonight's delicious thrown together salad

562. for the royal wedding
563. for connecting with a co-worker over wedding bells
564. for pots of tea
565. for enjoying being a girl
566. for fresh food

567. for cadbury eggs
568. for Ben selling my computer-woo hoo!
569. for sleeping late
570. for decorating talking and an afternoon with Amy
571. for a best friend home for a moment
572. for cheap princess rings
573. for conversations with three year olds
574. for jaunts through the south fresh market
575. for heavy whipping cream, i could drink a pint or twelve
576. for scripture memory renewed
577. for tears to wash the eyes
578. for trees painted golden by the setting sun
579. for the sun that trails me through the morning trees driving to work
580. for whopper easter eggs
581. for family easter dinner
582. for laughing and being with family
583. for Him who gives all good gifts and all these 603 and countless more.

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