Monday, July 25, 2011

There's a light in the attic

Dusk is setting outside the window and only the remnants of the light of day fill up the bedroom. The bright pastels of the bedroom spread give way to night, it's pensive wonder strikes me and so I sit right down. There we sit me and the room and the whole back yard just waiting on dark. There's a mystery in that darkness and a sudden sadness that my sweet day has come to pass. I sigh thinking about tomorrow and the work week that stretches long. Light whispers, "I'll be back tomorrow." There is truth in the beginning and in the ending of each day a simile in the making. Life is a myriad of light and darkness, sun and rain beginnings and endings and always repeating. And comforts always had when Here comes the sun bringing with it His mercies new and faithfulness great. Each and every morning.

Scrawled on paper scraps tucked in my wallet, scribbled in endings of my prayers by pen, spoken in airs of prayers and hanging on my fridge they number higher these 1,000 thanks. Night lights for the moments that are dim, rays of light that remind me heaven's over the horizon and life is good. Been too long since I've turned the light on here, shining thanks on gifts He gives...

584. for the way the bed at the end of the day fits just like a hug
585. for Barnes and Noble Sunday with Beth
586. for these thanks from a list in my wallet...
587. for pink nail polish on my desk
588. for the shape of the Essie nail polish bottle
589. for watermelon picture
590. for a flower from Mr. Jake
591. for gardenia's delightful smell
592. for Ecclesiastes hope
593. for my green stripped bracelet
594. for a flower in a vase
595. for hope
596. for a pink to do list
597. for a rolo mcflurry
598. for a best friend lunch date
599. for purple pens
600. for the smell of peppermint tea
601. for purple, blue sky
602. for driving to moms
603. for balloons on mailboxes
604. for rosebushes
605. for a birthday package from Miz LED
606. for glassy, ocean, like sky
607. for the faithfulness of the sun
608. for light in the dark
609. for Him who is the greatest Light

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Word Problem

If Elizabeth sits outside for 9.3 minutes and eats 7 cherries, 9 almonds, 3 celery sticks and 1 bowl of yogurt with 30 blueberries how many bug bites will Elizabeth get? Answer, EIGHT.

Was I a word problem whiz? Yes, Yes, I was. Liar, Liar, pants on fire. Want some Sunday summer advise? If you go outside to eat your snack, keep your pants on.

What I wore today: T-shirt gap, pants banana republic, shoes DSW old foggy shoes aka Dr. Scholl's, bracelets here, there and yon