Monday, August 1, 2011

The Cold

Left work late, have a stuffy nose and the remnants of Mr. Nasty summer cold 2011, my back muscles tell on the anxiety I let creep into my mind over a silly can't be controlled item, i've got the gripes a mile long.  Litany of grievances, petty annoyances they come easy like a runny nose drip. It's been many a moon since I've entertained a cold. Hot tea, cough drops, plenty of fluids, and sleep, blessed sleep beat the ailing symptoms back. Prayer journals, quiet time, His word, evening walks, and lists of thanks held by the force of a magnet on the fridge they beat back the ailing symptoms of ingratitude.

Grateful for a Savior who bids us come all snotty nosed and let's us blow out our complaints. Grateful for a Savior who comforts, a Savior who heals. A Savior who is our hope, not our health, not our thanks for a Savior who just is and unmeasurable grace that runs longer than miles of complaints.

Thanks from the fridge list, grace multiplies....

610. for 3 elephants on a baby changing table at Target
611. for Traci's card
612. for Traci's offer to talk
613. for the reminder to give thanks
614. for the cupcake bag
615. for the ice cream shirt
616. for mom to vent to
617. for Jesus who doesn't leave
618. for Jesus who loves me anyways
619. for this too shall pass
620. for a red carnation in an aqua mason jar
621. for His mercy endures forever
622. for He will perfect that which concerns me
623. for the Howell family gorgeous photos
624. for Ivy's greeting
625. for perspective, it's not all about me
626. for morning sunlight in the apartment
627. for old journals
628. for sunning
629. for almonds
630. for pink
631. for Laura
632. for feeling better!!!
633. for decorating cupcakes
634. for a hopeful message
635. for Christus Victor "Christ our Victor"

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  1. Sorry you're not feeling well ... praying you feel better ASAP :) I'm grateful for our Saviour too!


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