Thursday, September 29, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Has been fo-evah-since an awkward and awesome Thursday, huh? Let's fix that, shall we. Seeing how it's nice and fall out I figure I'll show you my summer duds.

1. All the emails I get informing me people are following me on pinterest. I haven't pinned the first cotton pickin th'ang.
2. Men who are married with three children yet who do not feel the need to wear a wedding ring. Any future Mr. of mine who feels likewise, well, that's fine that's his prerogative. I can respect that and brand an M in his forehead whilst he sleeps.
3. The spelling of sherbet-you know the orange and lime stuff. I'm at a crossroads I think I've spent my entire life pronouncing the word incorrectly. Sher-Bet??? How bout some sher-burt. Tell me it ain't so Burt Reynolds, Bert and Ernie? Malapropism much? See I am smart, I know that word.
4. A neighboring churches church signs. The latest: "good fences make good neighbors" I can live another minute-how inspiring.
5. Spelling the bosses name "Pastor Church" rather than Chuck-when he informed me I followed up the "Oops, quite sorry" with, "It could have been so much better. "Pastor Chunk, Pastor Chump." 'Hey, now here's an idea let's get a church sign.'
6. Personal favorite work typo, "About the snakes snacks for the youth ski trip"
7. I've prided myself on the years I spent without the vanity of TV. How the mighty have fallen. How many new shows am I watching? I'll never tell. It's more than four but less than six. I'm hooked.

1. Remnants of sidewalk art by toddlers
2. Bosses who laugh along with you at certain guffaws
3. Free cable with your rent
4. Posting summer photos in the fall-it'll never get old
5. Poor quality photos that come without the first bloomin bug-a-bite.
6. Pecan pie, banana bread, and leftover chocolate birthday cake it's been a good week to work for the Baptists.
7. My red couch, I love him like Don Draper.

Wearing: Gap tank, Old Navy Skirt, DSW Dr. Scholl's sandals, Gifted jewelry 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Dream of Cake

I'm not going to tell you I've eaten three pieces of cake or that I took an afternoon nap like it was my personal world mission, I'm just going to tell you today is my best friend's birthday and I know how to party. Happy birthday, best friend. Happy Sunday, world.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Preacher tells the story of almost forgetting his wife's birthday. I forget his middle name, he's my brother, I should know it but I forget it. It's sitting on the counter and I'm driving to athens, the water bottle I forget it too. Even now, typing here I'm wondering did I pay that bill? Money's not the problem it's just did I remember? All these forgotten things and countless more and they'll just keep adding up. Creature of habit, creature of forgetting. We remember because we forget.

Ten years ago doesn't seem so far away when today we remember where we were, who we were with and how we felt the day the unfathomable became history. I was in class and remember dragging the tv in us all transfixed to the horror, leaving early, driving home the scary unknown silent in the car but loud in my ears. We'll all remember.

I see the pictures and read the posts and I am most chagrined by not what I remember but by what I forget. Do we remember when we forgot? Probably not and we probably won't remember when we forget again. I forget the sacrifice, I forget the lives lost, I forget the turmoil and I forget the gospel too.

The gospel, I forget to preach it daily to myself. The truth that we are all creatures of our God and King, maimed and wounded trampling through this life. I forget my only hope is Him and I forget His great sacrifice that made me His. And I forget to pass it on, that the cross is arms wide open. A love that bids us come. Come ye sinners, poor and needy, weak and wounded sick and sore, Come ye thirsty, come ye weary-heavy laden, Jesus ready stands to save you....

On a day set aside to remember evil unleashed and those who beat it back, I am grateful for remembering the power of the gospel that conquers the greatest evil. Thankful for this post that pointed my prone to wander heart back to His streams of mercy never ceasing.

He is a God who never forgets, that our sins are as far as the east is from the west a chasm spanned by a Savior's sacrifice. His love reaches to the heavens, His faithfulness to the skies, His righteousness is like the mighty mountains. His mercy never runs dry. He is my refuge, He is my strength. And He never forgets.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

A day that curls up like a nap on the couch and wakes slow is my kind of day. A day where the sun goes to nap and droplets bead on the window pane and the soft pitter patter sounds all day. A day wrapped in gray and flooded with showers of blessings.

636. for starbucks coffee spills that make me smile and keep me humble
637. for my yellow rain jacket
638. for a sour cream donut
639. for helpful employees
640. for birthday present wrapped pretty
641. for new reads
642. for movies
643. for orange juice
644. for sushi
645. for peanut butter m&ms
646. for watercolors
647 for writing prayers
648. for scripture memory
649. for pajamas for most of the day
650. for the return of the internet
651 for rainy days
652. for time off
653. for the gift of being able to do as I please
654. for phones that ring
655. for falling rain
656. for silence
657. for ceiling fans that whir
658. for a magazine read cover to cover in one sitting
659. for my new favorite salad
660. for hot tea
661. for sugar in tea
662. for this day, that He has made