Thursday, September 29, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Has been fo-evah-since an awkward and awesome Thursday, huh? Let's fix that, shall we. Seeing how it's nice and fall out I figure I'll show you my summer duds.

1. All the emails I get informing me people are following me on pinterest. I haven't pinned the first cotton pickin th'ang.
2. Men who are married with three children yet who do not feel the need to wear a wedding ring. Any future Mr. of mine who feels likewise, well, that's fine that's his prerogative. I can respect that and brand an M in his forehead whilst he sleeps.
3. The spelling of sherbet-you know the orange and lime stuff. I'm at a crossroads I think I've spent my entire life pronouncing the word incorrectly. Sher-Bet??? How bout some sher-burt. Tell me it ain't so Burt Reynolds, Bert and Ernie? Malapropism much? See I am smart, I know that word.
4. A neighboring churches church signs. The latest: "good fences make good neighbors" I can live another minute-how inspiring.
5. Spelling the bosses name "Pastor Church" rather than Chuck-when he informed me I followed up the "Oops, quite sorry" with, "It could have been so much better. "Pastor Chunk, Pastor Chump." 'Hey, now here's an idea let's get a church sign.'
6. Personal favorite work typo, "About the snakes snacks for the youth ski trip"
7. I've prided myself on the years I spent without the vanity of TV. How the mighty have fallen. How many new shows am I watching? I'll never tell. It's more than four but less than six. I'm hooked.

1. Remnants of sidewalk art by toddlers
2. Bosses who laugh along with you at certain guffaws
3. Free cable with your rent
4. Posting summer photos in the fall-it'll never get old
5. Poor quality photos that come without the first bloomin bug-a-bite.
6. Pecan pie, banana bread, and leftover chocolate birthday cake it's been a good week to work for the Baptists.
7. My red couch, I love him like Don Draper.

Wearing: Gap tank, Old Navy Skirt, DSW Dr. Scholl's sandals, Gifted jewelry 

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  1. I absolutely love this outfit- the bright red and turquoise colour combination is beautiful! I'm cracking up about the M branding in your future hubby's forehead- you've given me an idea... :) If you're getting into new shows- New Girl is hilarious!


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