Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

A day that curls up like a nap on the couch and wakes slow is my kind of day. A day where the sun goes to nap and droplets bead on the window pane and the soft pitter patter sounds all day. A day wrapped in gray and flooded with showers of blessings.

636. for starbucks coffee spills that make me smile and keep me humble
637. for my yellow rain jacket
638. for a sour cream donut
639. for helpful employees
640. for birthday present wrapped pretty
641. for new reads
642. for movies
643. for orange juice
644. for sushi
645. for peanut butter m&ms
646. for watercolors
647 for writing prayers
648. for scripture memory
649. for pajamas for most of the day
650. for the return of the internet
651 for rainy days
652. for time off
653. for the gift of being able to do as I please
654. for phones that ring
655. for falling rain
656. for silence
657. for ceiling fans that whir
658. for a magazine read cover to cover in one sitting
659. for my new favorite salad
660. for hot tea
661. for sugar in tea
662. for this day, that He has made

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  1. We are having just such a day in West Virginia ... Makes me want to put on a pot of soup, light a candle & read a book (which is exactly what I plan to do! :)


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