Tuesday, October 4, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond....

Chalk dust on babies pants, laughter over pie, golden jewelry, mason jars of water, movies together, and breakfast bowls of yogurt, these are the things that make up the moments that make up our days. It's tears making spaghetti, subtracting lies and adding truth. It's birthday cake divided for the taking home. It's love multiplied and hugs times a trillion that equal the sum that equal our lives.  No numbers here tonight, for my count is off and the tally of my numbers askew yet one or twenty a thousand or two the whole is always correct, when our answer is thanks. He gives and so we count to infinity and beyond till all we are is praise.

Just a fraction of the portion He gives....
Thankful for...

celebrations of life
party planning
brown paper presents tied up with string
sharing fun
living life together
babies that sing happy birthday
sprinklers that fly in the early morning sun
the sun that always moves me
quiet times that bring me near
Christ who draws us near
hearts woven together
encouragement that pours like water from a faucet
reading in bed
pillows hemming me in
morning light
Kadri, the hairdresser
pizza with mom
pink pens, surprise gift from best friend
sweetest text from dad
new life

*663-683 tally straightened up

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  1. Elizabeth, your post, Infinity and Beyond, moved me to tears.
    You're a thinker, a writer, and a very needed presence in this world.


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