Thursday, November 24, 2011

Stretchy Pants-Thanksgiving's LBD

I understood the concept of a style icon before I understood the word concept. My first memories involve mimicking my neighbor and tapping it out plastic high heel style up and down the driveway.  It's possible I watched Full House for Becky's clothes. It's unclear if there was ever a notebook of drawings of knock offs of her outfits. It was 1990, okay! Time heals all wrongs and now it's Audrey and Katherine and Princess Di and Jackie O, Oh and Kendi. The girl with the killer wit and spot on succinct, humor and mad style. 

When I discovered her blog I did what any kid raised on puffed sleeves, side pony's and double socks would do, I alerted my bff of the new kid on the block. I made peace with Old Navy and went and bought this shirt. And then I ordered her famous red shoes......and quickly discovered I ain't no Kendi. I wore them once and them shoes ain't made for walking on these narrow feet. Like I needed the motorized scooter just to buy milk walking impairment.

My Kendi Reds have mourned in lonely exile for over a year, finally I pulled them out of the closet and cried like powder blue eye shadow going out of style at the prospect of letting them go. After a stylish walk in the most hideous stretchy pants I own, work shirt, stocking cap and laundry strung over my shoulder, genius struck......them babies fit with socks.

"What?" 'no?' Oh, you just wait and see, my style is going to catch like bad grammar in the heart of dixie. Watch out kids, there's a new style icon in town. And I don't wanna brag, but that perpetual pursed lip pout, stellar. Happy Thanksgiving, better wear your stretchy pants.

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